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Ukraine we’re coming for you – how I brought my Campervan back home, Part 3

Ron Holzschuh und Claudia Hiersche

Our wish to reach the border on the same day couldn’t be fulfilled. It’s now 1.30am. Slowly we’re approaching the border complex. Dear god in heaven, we’ve already visited the pothole-land for you today, please have mercy and don’t lead us into temptation, but redeem ourselves from the evil long waiting hours at this border !The closer we get, the clearer the situation becomes. Our wishful thinking about ‘ get to the border at night and you certainly don’t need to wait too long ‘ turns out to be a joke. The queue is still endless. We’re sitting there exhausted and horrified, after  our 10.5 h journey, waiting for what’s still to come. How come we’ve fallen out of favour like this ? Ron doesn’t respond. He takes his last amount of energy, starts the engine and takes us up to the beginning of the border’s first stage. There are two rows, the left side is for cars only, the right sides for trucks, the middle row is free. Innocently we roll past all the other vehicles and collect one deadly look after the other. I slip deeper and deeper into the passenger seat and almost die, but Ron is wildly determined. Heroically he maneuvers us to our salvation spot , but no one lets us in. There’s some kind of blessing happening, when a border soldier, who’s heavily armed in camouflage, imposes himself for us and pressures the infuriated motorists to let us in immediately. Strike! This action certainly rewarded us with 1 hour less of waiting ! Thank you dear God for letting us wait at this border only for 2,5 hours, hungry, tired, exhausted and with a full bladder. The following insight has subtitles and shows how two innocent souls behave in such an exceptional situation …

For english subtitles, please klick here … and watch this video on my YouTube channel


My experience at the ukrainian – polish border


Only 850 km to go

Around 4 o ‘clock in the morning, we finally could close our eyes in Jaroslaw (Poland), on this magnificent parking spot.

Overnight parking spot Poland

The next day, heavenly travel weather awaits us. Bright sunshine accompanies the entire final trip. Recovered and with fresh energy, we can finally dedicate ourselves to a phenomenon between my legs. Somewhere under the rubber mat on the drivers side, there’s a crackle hiding. This sound is also a faithful companion for the rest of our journey and the entire 8 hours left aren’t enough to locate it. Ron’s intrepid, courageous commitment is not rewarded this time, but I finally found a name for my baby! I knew at some point on the way back it would reveal itself … RUSSELL❤️ like, you rattle quite a lot and yes also a bit like Russell (Crowe) my hero and protector. He’s proven it already, the load of adulterated gasoline and the journey through the pothole-land was heroically taken. You rock my baby!! I’m so excited about all that is waiting for us!


Thank you so much

Ron, without your presence and our little cracking up – fallouts, I probably wouldn’t have survived that journey. Presumably I’d rather fallen into one of the potholes under shock after all the excitement. You border-hero, I’m already looking forward to our next trip! 😉

Viktor, you’ve fulfilled my dream of owning a camper. You’ve turned this smelly space into a mini feel-good oasis. I love the arrangement, the colours, the wood, the fabric- just everything about it ! A thousand thanks! GREAT GREAT JOB!!!🙏❤️

Sylvia, thank you for your help with the translations! Without you, this mission would have been a ‘Mission Impossible’👍🎉

Anja, thank you for the warm welcome and delicious food. We really enjoyed the short stay with you at “Saxony Dim”!😋👌

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