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Ukraine we’re coming for you – How I brought my Campervan back home, Part 1

Claudia Hiersche und Ron Holzschuh

This guy here really annoyed me big time in the past. We were married 14 years ago. Our apparent dream wedding in a castle didn’t last long. I was a lesbian and he was an opportunistic dodger. Fate brought us together, on a TV Show called “Forbidden Love” as the character ‘Bernd von Beyenbach’ and the countess ‘Carla von Lahnstein’. In real life, we’ve been friends since then and joined again for this trip. Our mission was to bring my baby Russell home.


Let the Adventure begin

It all started harmlessly, with a comfortable 2 hour flight from Berlin Schönefeld to Lviv. Even the departure time was a dream. 11 a.m., arrival time 1pm – all in bright sunshine. Here’s a little insight with subtitles…

(You can watch this video with subtitles on my YouTube channel, please klick here…)

So,  what did we learn from this ? Check out official taxi companies at the airport first, then there will be no need for a baseball bad to hit you hard and you will also pay the normal price. I actually know my way around taxis at airports and that it is better to find a counter inside the airport to buy tickets in advance, in order to have more security. But somehow I didn’t think about that this time. That’s why the nice driver also made a little bit of a fool of us. Anyway, like this we not only had  glorious sunshine on our arrival, but a nice adrenaline rush came with it.


Change of plans in Lviv

Although I was firmly convinced that the nice taxi driver would take us somewhere into a forest and rob us, we landed safe and sound at the central station. It was now 2pm. Our trip was about to continue by train at 7pm to Chernevtsi. But what did we have to listen to in disbelief at the counter ? All booked because it’s the weekend ?! Yes of course you have the right to ask, why didn’t you book the tickets before ? I will tell you. It was just not possible. Of course I wanted to have everything ready, but on the website of the Ukrainian Railway and also on other pages of Ukrainian Travel Companies I actually did not manage to book this train. It didn’t happen. Perhaps a hint of fate that wanted to tell us, dear Ron, dear Claudia, please don’t take the train, it’s better  to go by taxi. The distance Iviv to Chernevtsi is about 270km long at takes up to 5.5 hours. With our taxi it was also 5 hours ride. Before we got to Sergey’s taxi at 7pm, we drove to the city center by tram. Funnily enough, at the main station we couldn’t find any taxi driver who would give us a ride in to the Old Town. The route was just too short for them, they couldn’t make enough money with it. They actually did refer us to the tram, with which we were destined to travel around 20 minutes. Wrong world.

The sweetest Ticket Validator ever


Tram Ride Lviv


The historic centre of the city is on the list of the World Heritage sites. Here we settled some time for a feast of the eyes and the palate. We would have liked to stayed much longer, but my Russell was already waiting longingly for his pickup.

Old Town Lviv


Ron and beer, that’s it my dear


Ready for Action at the Historic City Center in Lviv

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