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I want my own campervan – what now ?!

With my campervan in the Marlborough Sounds

Search, search, search !! Forever and ever !! It cost me hours, days and finally at least 2 month on the relevant online portals. All I wanted was gasoline with an extra gastank, but I only saw vans with Diesel engines. No wonder the current situation, with diesel driving bans, knocking on the door. In addition, so many questions desired an answer – should the bus have standing height ? Should the camper still be suitable for everyday life ? Mercedes Sprinter ? VW Transporter ? T3, T4, T5 ? Already with interior ? And so on ! At some point I knew exactly what I was looking for, thank god, cause then he just showed up ! I saw him and immediately felt butterflies going crazy in my stomach. That’s my van !

The day I bought him


A VW Transporter becomes a Campervan

My requirements were all met, except for one… no Automatic. This baby was completely empty. The interior construction would therefore be exactly how I want it. Gasoline, extra Gastank and a medium height roof. Like this I would have the chance to get him safely into an underground car park. Very important, because in Berlin my sweetheart really needs a safe parking space. I got my car stolen before in Berlin, right outside the front door. This is why I will invest also in special security technology. I put all my hopes into Bear Lock . This german concept has convinced me the most. A Steering wheel claw with alarm might be another choice on top.

Ready for conversion


The Conversion

So far so good, now I had to find someone for the build.  Also a difficult matter. I wish I were as gifted as a craftsman to pull this off completely by myself. But I had to face reality… it’s just not gonna work! I needed a talented craftsman to create a base on which I could continue. Bed/sofa, storage, kitchen, electronics, heating, solar, insulation, wood cladding and a new paint with rust removal. I will take it from there, cause decorating and making a space comfortable is not a problem at all – I actually love it ! From old to new, from nice, to wow. Yeahh ! And who would have thought that, a friend of the family is really good in building campers and offered me his help. Our friend lives in Ukraine though…whaaaat!? Exactly, that was also my reaction..:-). But I wanted my own bus so badly and was ready to do anything for it ! Even if I have to travel to Ukraine for this twice ! I don’t care ! Tschakka !


Viktor my savior in distress

Fate gave me a real kick in the ass this summer. “I have a nice broken arm for you dearest Claudia, there you go!” Thank you, but that was really not necessary. Or was it ? (more on that, maybe one day in a separate article). The trip to Ukraine was about to happen and my happening was the broken arm. Plaster and driving don’t go hand in hand and is even prohibited. Fuck, what now !? Our friend Viktor was just visiting London and agreed to take the ride ! Tschakka ! Fate showed some guilty conscience and payed me back a little. We were on the road for two days, with an overnight stay in Poland. I had to take the trip with my arm freshly broken, cause otherwise the bus would not be allowed to enter Ukraine. The holder of the vehicle is obliged to cross the border with it,  all right then, done. So that took place at the end of July this year. Since then my baby has been taken care of in Chernivtsi for 2,5 months by Viktor. New painting and rost removal is finished already…

My pretty baby got some makeover

and the conversion at it’s final stage.

Conversion in progress

Next week, I’ll bring my baby home. I can’t wait to finally live the dream of my own camper. One last hurdle is still to take, the return, from Ukraine to Berlin. This time I would like to drive myself dear destiny…

Curious about how the story continues ? Join me on this,  it’s going to be interesting ! 😉

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