About Me

Sitting by the water, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Kenepuru Head, Marlborough Sounds

I am Claudia, my heart beats for traveling along with nature. The whole thing preferably in my own four walls on wheels. To park, get out and explore unknown places, that’s my world. My very own Campervan is being converted and I can’t wait to hit the road. Right here I will report about my experiences and trips with the bus. And you can join me – why ? Because I just like to to give travel insights, recommendations and assist with inspiration. This passion already started 18 years ago. At that time I was a presenter of a TV – Travel Show called ‘Wolkenlos (Cloudless) with this show I traveled the world for two years. In one of my Blogposts (How New Zealand treated me) I’m referring to my first Bungee Jump on the Show, which you can have a look and listen to here ! 🙂


In 2002 I quit my job as a presenter and my work as an actress started. Right now you can watch me in the german TV Series “Bettys Diagnose”. I’ve been playing the character of a doctor, named ‘Helena von Arnstett’. Actually for five years already. Man, time runs so fast !

If you like to find out more about me as an actress, go to Crew United

Here’s a little taste on how my work as a doctor looks like…


Whenever I’m not working, I would hop into my bus and continue exploring. I’ve seen a lot of the world. Lived, worked and studied abroad. But what I haven’t really tasted yet, is the so – called ‘ Vanlife ‘. Somehow I always had an aversion towards hotels, because I prefer to be self-catering and my own guide. I often magically lead myself to abandoned places, hardly known but nevertheless dreamlike. Everybody who wants find out more and accompany me on my travels, this is the right place.

Oh and you might ask yourself, what the hell does she always mean by Hollywood ? Well ‘Pinky goes To Hollywood’ has several meanings for me. For one thing, Pinky is something like my “nickname”, like the crazy mouse from the comic series ‘ Pinky & Brain ‘. For the other, I never thought that I would seriously open up to the social media world. But it happened and when I finally overcame all my concerns and was in search of a name for my YouTube Channel (a totally unreal moment for me, at that time), Pinky goes to Hollywood came into my mind. I love to be on the move, create entertaining videos and make them “famous”. Well, that would be one association, here’s the next – I see it that way, Hollywood can’t only be found in Los Angeles. Hollywood, the so-called dreamland, is also in nature. Yes, nature can be a Blockbuster too – because she’s tremendously entertaining (I just can’t be bored). She is able to bring us tears of joy, give us thrilling moments, to awaken and fulfill needs and so on. I usually watch a movie once. With nature however, I can’t get enough. Likewise, the “Dreamland – Hollywood” also stands for the fulfillment of our own dreams. Make it happen – fulfill your dreams ! In this sense… Welcome! Let’s go to Hollywood!! 😉

Film shoot on Ibiza